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My first experience with professional writing was doing feature articles and profiles for a local, independently owned newspaper that focused on women and the issues that they faced. This was a wonderful learning experience for me. It was training of the best kind possible. I learned to develop my own method of interviewing to bring out the most informative answers and I mastered the art of taking accurate notes. I also developed at this time my own writing style, one that is comfortable for me and easy reading for the audience.

Eventually I was able to sell my freelance work to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I continued to do profiles and feature article but added a "beat". I covered a particular section of the distribution area, attending council meetings and gathering the news of that town for publication in the paper.

To elicit the best responses and to take those responses and develop them into an interesting and informative article is a skill that is acquired through experience and a genuine interest in the subject. I have both the experience and the interest.

A freelance journalist should not place herself in a one subject only position. She should be non-objective and open to a variety of ideas.

I offer my services as a freelance journalist to newspapers and magazines that are seeking a professional writer who will give them quality, integrity and interesting, informative material for publication.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss an assignment, please contact me and I will reply promptly.


To be a ghostwriter is one of the most challenging and intriguing ways for a writer to use her craft. A ghostwriter must leave her ego behind and be flexible enough to submerge herself in the project, ideas, and voice of her client. She must be disciplined enough to jump from one topic and one genre, to another, giving each her full focus.

It is commonly thought that ghostwriting is utilized only for books. There are other instances that require the services of a ghostwriter, or "ghost" as such a writer is called.

A short list of possible clients who might use the services of a ghost is: nonfiction, fiction, short stories, articles, newsletters, radio scripts, speeches, reports, memoirs and inspirational books.

There are several reasons why a client might hire a ghostwriter:

  1. She may have a story to tell but lacks the talent to write it.
  2. He may not have the skills, energy, or organizational aptitude to complete a project.
  3. Everyone today is so busy. It may be that the client just doesn't have the time that it takes to do a good job of writing.
  4. The realization that writing is a craft that is more efficient, marketable, productive, and effective when produced by a professional.
  5. It is possible that the client is a good writer, but for reasons of her own is not interested in taking on that particular project or book.

If you see yourself in any of the above categories contact me to see how I can help you to get your ideas down on paper. Whether your project is a book, a speech, or anything else that you feel needs the touch of a professional, let's discuss it.

Travel Writing

To be a travel writer there are two main requirements that you must meet. First, you must love to travel, and second, you must have the ability to ferret out the unusual, to find the one gem that is hidden among the more popular and well known attractions. This gem can be polished and brought to light so that it appeals to readers.

A reader's reaction to a travel writer's article should be "I didn't know that was available there. It sounds like a great place to visit. I think I'll go."

A writer who can entice others to plan a trip to a destination she has written about is invaluable to clients who want to increase tourism to their area.

She is also an important resource to people who are planning to travel. She can inform them of the best places to see, what attractions, or destinations will give them the most for their money and also what pitfalls they might encounter. She can give hints on everything from the type of clothing needed to the general theme of a locality. For instance, if a person considers a trip that involves a lot of outdoor activity to be just what they want, then they would not enjoy an inner city location with many fine restaurants. An avid antique shopper would prefer a drive through a countryside that is dotted with places where she can indulge in a treasure hunt to discover that vase or piece of silver that she can add to her collection. And of course there are many who consider a perfect vacation to be one where they are pampered and catered to, and the travel writer can tell them where they will find exactly what they are seeking.

If you would like to see your city, town, or facility get the attention it deserves contact me and I will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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