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Marketing for Success

If you are in currently in business, or if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur in the future, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What steps can I take to market my business and attract new customers?
  • How can I word an ad to get the most positive responses?
  • How can I find out who my competitors are and what they are offering?
  • How can I attend a party and leave with several new business leads?

Business owners often forget that marketing is the heart and soul of attracting new customers and retaining current business.

To help with the questions and decisions that concern marketing your business I have developed a 30 page booklet titled, Marketing for Success. In this informative booklet I address such marketing strategies as:

  1. Scouting the Market showing all the different ways you can learn about your competition, what they have to offer, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.
  2. Niche Marketing could be the difference between a successful and a mediocre business
  3. Internet Marketing describes the various ways you can use the Internet as an effective marketing tool. This chapter also debunks some common Internet marketing myths.
  4. Marketing Tactics that Work helps you to decide what type of marketing is best for your business.
  5. Become the Talk of the Town shows you that anytime people are talking about you it is good publicity. Even negative talk can be turned around and used to your advantage.
  6. Become a Brand Name. When we think of certain products we automatically think of the brand with which we are familiar. Learn how to make your business a brand name and increase sales.
  7. Working a Room will give you access to the do's and don'ts of working a room successfully, but not obviously.
  8. Business Exposure through Organization guides you along the path of finding organizations that you will enjoy and that will also help you increase business.
  9. Presenting...YOU helps you to understand the importance of professionalism in every aspect of your life.

No one who is in business should fail to read this informative and motivating booklet that will help to get a new business off on the right track or revitalize a business that is stuck in neutral.

The cost of Marketing for Success is only $10 including shipping and handling.

Marketing for Success
Marketing for Success

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