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Barbara Killmeyer - Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer I have had my work published in publications such as The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Women’s Voice, Successful Women, North Hills Magazine, The Northern Connection Magazine and the Pittsburgh Senior News. I have also been published in national magazines.

Through my affiliation with The Women’s Voice I have gained valuable experience as Managing Editor.

Traveling has afforded me the opportunity to expand my writing skills by showing readers, through my eyes, the unusual, unknown, or unexpected in travel destinations. Places I have visited also benefit by increased tourism through the articles I have written.

An exciting aspect of freelance writing is the area of ghostwriter. In this context a writer must be familiar with, or willing to learn, about many different subjects. I have ghostwritten a non-fiction book and I am now working on a completely opposite project; appetite suppressant myth or reality. Working as a professional ghostwriter is one of the most interesting ways that I know to make a living.

If a writer can specialize in a particular area she can focus her attention and skills to provide better service to clients. I have developed a special expertise in these three major writing genres.


Journalism or the art of interviewing a subject and turning that interview into a story that newspapers and magazines will want to use is learned over a period of time. My journalism experience has brought me into contact with people in every walk of life. I know what questions to ask to elicit an informative response, and I also know how to turn those answers into an interesting story.

Ghostwriting involves suppressing your own creative ideas and channeling your energy to bring another person’s story to life. A ghostwriter does her job well when she can relate to a client so closely that she can write in the client’s voice. Ghostwriting requires the ability to transfer your thoughts from one subject to another quickly and completely.

Travel Writing is the ability to bring interesting destinations to your readers. They can see these places through your eyes and feel your enthusiasm for each location. Convention and Visitors Bureaus seek out good travel writers to bring attention to their area and to what it contains to interest and entice visitors.

If I can help you by providing you with professional quality writing please feel free to contact me.

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"I was fortunate to find a writer such as Barbara and I plan to continue to work with her on future projects."
Dr. Sharon Fried-Buchalter

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